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Main Pages

Game Config

Additional config options have been added that are not in the table

Phoenix Engine

This page probably should just be removed, we don't really have enough technical info to write it right now


This page could use the image of the original concept art for races as well as a brief summary of each race leading into a read more. Linking to the blog post about race concept art couldn't hurt.


Brief descriptions and one image for each location, update for the new alpha as well as add named redirects to this page for each level. We can eventually split the page once level content is created enough to warrant it.

Equipment and Weapons

I fixed this page personally but we need to fix image uploading to finish it

Alpha Stages

This page and Alpha_List are redundant, remove and name link one of them and add more than just external links to each alpha.


I have no idea what this page is, what information it provides, and who would ever read it. Make it more than a list or delete it.


This page looks good right now, all the relevant info from when it was created is still relevant now.


This should be merged into the FAQ


This was merged into Control_Reference which I personally updated. Its still a mess but an accurate mess now.


See above


Removed or moved to fan_theories or something. A page titled "Lore" should not start with "this isn't actually lore I made it up lol". This might have worked last year when this was written, but we have actual lore now.

Modding Pages

Overgrowth Map Editing

This page is about as decidedly non-helpful as a wiki page can be while still containing 1500 words. The redlinks at the bottom should point to sections in the control reference page rather than to blank nothing that helps nobody.