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Welcome to the official Wiki of Wolfire Games!

Please note that the basic layout of this wiki is still under construction

  • Here you can find everything concerning wolfire's array of games, from Characters to Lore, modding resources and more!

Wolfire WebsiteForumsHelp 950 pages since November 2009.


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No changes during the given period match these criteria.


  • Go through Attack Bonuses and replace links with inline images for the bonuses.
  • The ParserFunctions extension was added to the wiki. Time to move forward on NavBoxes and/or TabbedViews. Discuss before deciding one way or the other. -- Conner36 06:08, 22 February 2012 (UTC)
  • Go through images(/art) and attach names/artists or links/source
  • Help create wiki editing standards. Help here! 16/6/11 Theres a lot to do in Wolfire Wiki Editing Standards
    • Explaining editing format
    • Finding good examples of wiki editing not just generic ones
  • Taming the wiki's category subsystems - Conner36
  • How to create and use templates correctly VERY IMPORTANT
  • Add fan suggestion place 16/6/11
    • Add suggestions from SPF
    • Add tutorials from SPF
    • Get people to post/upload their art and/or mods to the wiki
      • Make a tutorial page on how to upload stuff to the wiki
  • Figure out what Special:DeadendPages are and fix them
  • Build an official Wolfire Tutorials page using previous Wolfire blog posts
  • Go through and organize the FAQs
  • Comb the Lugaru page
  • The OG graphics features page needs work Help here!
  • Fully set up the various portals Help Here!
  • Fix all redirect pages so that pages correctly link to the new page.

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  • Set up a system that makes it easy to add items to the "Fresh", "Stale", or "Finished" lists (I think it's good enough please post in the Talk Page if you think we need to improve this system) -- Conner36 18:55, 14 February 2012 (UTC)